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From the team that bought you the legendary Graffiti Photofreaks site comes “Melbourne Oldschooler”. This blog contains a variety of stuff including (as the title suggests) Ol Skool Melbourne Graffiti! check it out here: 



Just got this in the inbox last week. Seems our man Desta has been back at it and rocked a nice two namer with Bandit Queen Spice. Check, check, check it.


I can’t believe they cooked and ate food in Hosier Lane….ewwww. At least the scenery was good with pieces from a variety of writers including our very own DESTA n ETHICS wall. Hope you got to see it.


Sorry for the recent quiet spot in posting updates etc. It has been a busy time for the Razor Crew and getting time to blog is not happening. Anyway, to tide you over til i can get some free time, feast your eyes on this all sheila extravaganza from the Ladie Killers event. The Ladie Killers went off! With a massive weekend of drinking, painting, drinking, laser tagging, drinking, film watching etc the girls did a great job to knock out such a fresh wall. Big props to for the joinup. Be sure to check them out for some of Adelaide’s freshest Graff online.

Blek Le Rat

Not so long ago, The famous stencil artist “Blek Le Rat” was in Melbourne. While in town he got down and did a stencil using ‘Razor’. We think it turned out very nice indeed. Here are some images to show him in action with the Razor paint.


Adelaide is about to bear witness to one of, if not, the biggest female Hip Hop events to hit Australia. Titled Ladie Killerz, it is an all element jam over the weekend. Starting with an exhibition at Cold Krush on Friday night, followed by an after party at Zhivagos featuring B-girls, DJs and Emcees. Then Staurday sees the start of the massive production wall featuring an unmatched line up of Australia’s premier female graff talent including ISHK, IGASM, JOKES, POISE, SEAR, SPICE plus a heap of other girls i can’t think of right now (Sorry if i missed ya name). There is also a Ladie Killerz Film Festival at the Mercury Cinema as well as open mic and Laser Tagging!!! For more info check the website This is going to be HUUUUGE so if you are in Adelaide, make sure to check it out.


Dabs Myla are back in town and tearing it up! If you haven’t checked the show at Per Square Metre Gallery get in there now! More importantly Dabs Myla launches their new book “Super Smooth” at Revolver Upstairs tomorrow night. There are super limited numbers of the book so make sure you get in early. Dabs Myla also painted the wall at Revolver so be sure to check that out. See you there!!


Anyone who has been around for a while will remember OK101 wear. From KAB101 TFC, this brand had the freshest designs, high quality fabrics, dope products and generally made the wearer a better person ;0) Well, the good news is, it’s back!!! Check em out at and pick up that freshness.


Ladie Poise has recently got herself into the blogosphere and has been posting a variety of stuff. From Throw Ups to actual Throw Ups. Check her out at ***link fixed! I guess i need to up my techno skills :0[ ***