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Our good friend Plutonic Lab has teamed up with G-Love (remember G-love and Special Sauce?) to put out a dope album called Moonshine Lemonade. The artwork was done by another of our friends and all round artiste Searious Jones( ). Dope!! For more info check the link and sign up for updates
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Kab on the line

In Adelaide SA.. Kab 101 TFC – TDC has a show coming up as part of the CACSA Contemporary Art exhibition. It’s running from 29th October – 21 November 2010 at various sites around Adelaide. But for part of the showing Kab 101 has got his artwork up on a tram travelling around the city. Here’s some images. Thanks to DS Creative for the pictures.

Montys is having a sale

Our friends at Montys in Perth turn 10 years old this weekend !! As a thank you to all our customers in the last 10 years they are doing a $25 six pack sale for the Razor’s this weekend only.. New colours in store. This sale is for PERTH and BRISBANE. Both stores. Till stocks last on the day…!!

Happy Birthday Montys.

Huh..! What is this telling all of us.

I found this interesting. There is a constant reminding from the media to all of us that Graffiti cost 200 Billion zillion dollars every year to remove. So what do they make of this… one of the worlds largest drug companies using illegal graffiti to promote feeling better. Is the world changing ?

Ready to GO…

Recently RAZORPAINT had an overhaul. After listening to the marketplace and the demands for a mid pricepoint paint, we have released RAZOR Street Grade.  It now sprays similar to Krylon did in the 80’s.
It is slightly more high pressure than most paints available. This can be controlled with the right assortment of nozzles like most spray paints.
It has a female European valve system. It works fantastic for fading or blending one colour into another.
As this is the first run of our new paint formula, you may find it different to other brands. We have given our latest run of colours a rating system of 1 to 3.
1 equals only one coat is needed to cover a surface.
2 equals up to two coats is needed to cover a surface.
3 equals three coats is needed to cover a surface. Any listed as a three are extremely good for fades.

Overall it is a good base coat paint for fills.
RAZORPAINT can be used on a range of different surfaces.
We have tested RAZOR in conjunction with a large number of other brands. We to date have not found any of them that react with RAZOR.   
RAZOR like all brands of paint has its own smell. It is not a strong smell and as soon as the paint is dry it is not around anymore.
In our tests we didnt block any nozzles at all.

So, if your interested in something different. Give it a try. Now you have a choice. It might just suit what you need to do.

For more info and what colours are available.. check  in a few days time.


To all those that keep an eye on this page. Next week we will have a few new things to share. About Thursday we will let you know.  Razor Team.


A new Gallery and Studio Space is coming to Footscrazy!! Come on down this weekend for a fundraiser including live music courtesy of Plutonic Lab, DJ Perplex, DJ Bonez and Jess Harlen. There will also be an exhibition, stalls, swap n cop market plus food n drinks.


We have been lucky enough in the past to have Plutonic Lab bless us with his beats for different projects. This man is a deadset legend in the Production game and a fucken top bloke to boot. check his website at While your at it, download his latest gift for the people. A multi velocity sampled Vintage Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit complete with fully functional interface for the producers.


Akromatism is about to drop. It is a graffiti colouring book with sketches from some of Australia’s most renowned writers. You can pick up a copy and get it signed by your local artists at the following book launches. Check it out!!!